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今年は白組が逆転勝ち。低学年は勝って大喜びしたり、悔しくて泣いてしまったり。高学年は泣いてる子を慰めたり、お互いの頑張りを称えあったり。競技が終わった後 の子供たちの様子も運動会の楽しみの一つですね。最後にラジオ体操をして、長かった一日の運動会が終了。準備に携わった先生・保護者・日本人会の方も含め、みなさん本当にお疲れさまでした




Wales Japanese school sports day 2018

sportsday3The Sports day in Wales Japanese Saturday School took place on Sat, 17th June, 2018. It had been unusually good weather in Cardiff, but unfortunately, it was NOT on that day and we decided to play in the sports hall. It’s a big shame that we couldn’t play on the big outside ground under the cosy sunshine…

However, regardless of the weather and the place, all children really enjoyed all of the events, e.g. Three Legged Relay Race, Tug-of-War, Ball in the Basket, Relay Race, etc., which were really exciting and heated. All spectators were also caught up into the event.

sportsday5Team ‘White’ finally came from behind and won this year. Some younger kids jumped for joy, some were crying after losing. Some elder kids comforted crying ones, some gave respect to each other…, this kind of scene is also one of the best parts of the sports day. All events finished around 3pm followed by the Japanese typical radio gymnastic exercise for cooling down purpose. Thank you to all of the supporters, e.g. teachers, parents, guardians, Wales japan club people, etc., who prepared this event from early in the morning.

sportsday4We are looking forward to seeing the sports day again next year, hopefully on the ground under the great sunshine 😊